Kenwood TK-7360 Radio Upgrade

Kenwood TK-7360 Radio Upgrade

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Upgrade your Icom 50w Race Radio (NEW) to a Kenwood TK-7360 (NEW) Race Radio. 

We recommend upgrading to the Kenwood TK-7360 Mobile Radio. With exceptional RF noise filtering, the Kenwood is a must for UTV's with dual stators like the CanAm and RZR Turbo S. The Kenwood also requires less power to transmit at full strength, ideal for vehicles with smaller batteries or vehicles with a lot of aftermarket accessories. Don't forget to get a Kenwood compatible Bracket!

Note: This is not a radio sold by itself.  This is an add on upgrade to your Radio package that you are purchasing.  This is meant to be used at the same time of your package purchase.  This will REMOVE the Icom Race Radio from you new package and ADD in a Kenwood Race Radio in its replacement.  

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