Hydro Buddy Drink kit

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The Hydro Buddy is a grab and go kit that allows you to take any 16 oz water bottle from the pits for you to consume your favorite endurance drink or water, while still racing. This simple hands free hydration kit, is for those racers who do not have the time to sit around in the pits.


Kit Includes: Drinking tube, Hydro Buddy Clamp, Razor Blade

Assembly Instructions

  1. Grab your preferred 16oz water bottle and remove cap
  2. Take provided razor blade and carefully cut a small “X” into the top of the cap
  3. Take the drinking tube with the attached clamp, and slide through the bottom of the cap and screw it back on to the water bottle
  4. Make sure the tube with the cut out is slightly touching the bottom of the water bottle.

Does Not Include: Water Bottle

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